based on a track and on a graphic notation by Wilhelm Matthies.
a note by Wilhelm Matthies about his instrument :
I have been developing the mosesa since March 2012. It is designed specifically to be a platform for experimental sound explorations that can also be very expressive. It has a thin plank that is bendable, mounted onto a thicker long structure, and is specifically meant to use plastic bottle resonators to pre-amplify and color the tone color of the vibrating string. The thin plank is connected via two bridges allowing for massive bends in pitch. I am constantly developing this instrument. The plastic bottles are already fastened to the thin plank, but I plan to devolope the use of wood bowls as containers for the plastic bottles, which in turn also amplify and filter their tone quality.
Although it is oriented to being bowed with a violin bow, it does equally well with plucking and tapping on the body of the instrument.
Wilhelm Matthies

free download : archive.org/details/MarcoLucchiWilhelmMatthies.cliffs


released January 18, 2013

Marco Lucchi - voice, electric violin and digital treatments
Wilhelm Matthies - mosesa
Seamus Egan - artwork



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