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Nero Diaspora is : Rossella Cangini: vocals, loops
Gandolfo Pagano: prepared guitar
Fabrizio Elvetico: electronics


released August 31, 2015

Beginning with the main practice of free improvisation, the musicians involved in this project have kept in mind that this has become a style in the same way as every other common musical genre. However, because they do not feel that there is an implicit hierarchy amongst styles and genres, every kind of sonic gesture can be used to communicate with each other. Thus, the final goal of expression can be reached, and the ultimate intention of the trio is revealed: improvisation intended as a walk across sound memories. The trio believe that the art of seduction is impure and inclusive, neither rigorous nor exclusive.

ROSSELLA CANGINI: Singer from Turin. She has specialised her improvisation technique within several different artistic contexts, such as, experimental theatre, avantgarde jazz, free-style and rap. She studied the Tuvana Musical Culture with Sainkho Namtchylak and improvisation with Ellen Christi. The list of artists that Rossella Cangini has played and recorded with includes: Famodou Don Moye, Billy Cobham, Ellen Christi, Karsten Lipp, Carlo Actis Dato, Claudio Lodati, Salvatore Bonafede, Marco Messina, Illachime Quartet, Giorgio Li Calzi, Massimo Barbiero, Marc Abrams.

GANDOLFO PAGANO: Guitarist from Palermo. He played rock, blues and jazz for a number of years, but has focused his musical research for the past ten years on experimental improvisation, which he sees as a methodical overcoming of the limitations of the instument. He has played and collaborated with, amongst others: Tim Hodgkinson, Peter Kutin, Domnenico Sciajno, Sean Baxter, Cat Hope, David Chiesa,Lelio Giannetto, Jean-Marc Montera, Tristan Hossinger, Eugene Chadbourne. Thomas Lehn. Ken Hyder, Michael Fischer, Alessandro Vicard, Tellef Ogrim , Jacek Kochan, Sylvestre Soleil.

FABRIZIO ELVETICO: Was born in Naples and studied piano and composition with Franco Donatoni among others. He has had an active, and often intense, long period of studio and concert activity with free improvisation bands since the late 1970's, and has since then extended his activities to include ancient and contemporary music, as well as movie soundtracks and sound installations. He has collaborated with, among others Mark Stewart, Rhys Chatham, Graham Lewis, Salvatore Bonafede, Schneider Tm, Philippe Petit, Domenico Sciajno. Since 1999 he has also been the Professor of Harmony and Musical Analysis at the National Music Conservatory

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